Architecture & Engineering


Architecture & Engineering

SmartPlan provides services in the fields of preparation of architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical projects, transferring them to the BIM environment and using them as project management inputs with its expert architects and engineers. Our architectural team creates qualified living spaces by designing aesthetic, ergonomic, innovative and environmentally friendly spaces and structures in coordination with other disciplines. In this context, it successfully uses technological solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in its projects.


Architecture & Engineering Services

Using the architectural design and planning processes carried out together with the end-user, 3D visualization, and virtual reality possibilities of BIM technologies, SmartPlan can respond to end-user demands more efficiently and bring more aesthetic functional structures to our environment.

The earthquake disaster we recently experienced once again showed that the earthquake resistance of the buildings and building earthquake-resistant structures in accordance with the Technical Specifications & Regulations are of vital importance. In this sense, the SmartPlan Engineering team designs safe and durable structures in accordance with the Specifications and Regulations, using BIM technologies.

SmartPlan Mechanical design team offers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in villas, mass housing, business centers, shopping malls, tourism buildings, educational buildings, sports areas, and industrial facilities in the most appropriate way to meet the technical requirements of the building.
The SmartPlan team, which is highly experienced in industrial facilities, also provides services in the field of process design.

SmartPlan offers the most accurate environmentally friendly solutions through partner companies in the field of selecting and projecting the right system for electrical energy and its use.

In the field of interior architecture, which is the area where the end-user interacts most in terms of comfort and ergonomics, it realizes comfortable and ergonomic space designs by completing the space design made by considering the interior architecture parameters in the architectural decisions taken at the beginning of the project with the most appropriate interior design designs for the customer.
In this process, the visual elements of BIM tools are used in the most effective way and the most suitable design and application are implemented for the end-user.

Aesthetic landscape designs are offered through partner companies that are experts and experienced in the field of landscape design of open spaces, which are an integral part of the buildings.

Building acoustics covers topics related to sound insulation in buildings. It is the branch of building acoustics that examines the way the sounds arising inside or outside the building pass to the parts of the building and the precautions to be taken to prevent the noise from entering the building parts. Building acoustics are based on noise control.

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